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Empowered Holistic Wellness for Sovereign Souls




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Connecting Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit 
for Balanced Health & Wellbeing

Are you ready to claim your health sovereignty?

  • Frustrated by modern, are one-size-fits-all healing approaches that fail to acknowledge your unique needs, values and desires?

  • Feeling ostracized, segregated and disenfranchised from equal access to services for questioning the mainstream system and status quo, holding certain spiritual beliefs or wellness & health related opinions or desires that you are unwilling to compromise?

  • Searching for gentle, effective, holistic, nature-based and energy-focused remedies and strategies that address the root-cause of your unique health and wellness challenges, rather than masking symptoms or causing a myriad of undesirable side-effects?

  • Looking for a wellness mentor and partner who "gets it" and can offer understanding and compassion coupled with the tools and knowledge you desire to take charge of your own growth and healing, while validating and supporting your specific challenges and aligning with your unique needs, goals & values?

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you're in the right place!

STEP INTO Your Power,

AWAKEN YOUR Inner Healer &


Whatever health and wellness challenges you may be currently experiencing, they aren't just an inconvenience here to make your life miserable (though it may feel that way at times, and its normal to feel that way).  As humans, we require the full range of experiences in order to evolve- challenge is actually required in order for us to grow & thrive.  You can see this pattern all around us in nature. The fact is, you are not broken.  You are whole and complete right NOW in this exact moment. Even if you are frustrated and you wish things were different and keep asking yourself, "why me?".


The challenges, pains or discomforts you face serve an important and sacred role. They are the signal, the portal, calling you towards growth, change, transformation and new ways of being.  It is through change- letting go of what no longer serves and embracing the new, that you begin to make space for the creation of a healthier, more abundant life that celebrates and honors your specific needs in the present moment- mind, body, heart and spirit.


What needs to be released? What do you want to create? And what are you willing to do to obtain that which you desire?

Your Body Is Speaking.

Are you ready to listen?

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Growth and healing is not about some cookie-cutter set of strategies or steps that must be followed to perfection. Lasting healing is an ongoing process, and your path will be unlike any other.  There will be twists, turns and challenges.  There will be big and little breakthroughs. But in my experience, there are no shortcuts, no cure-all pill or remedy that will make your health challenges magically disappear overnight.  It will take continued dedication and initiative, embracing change and discomfort as well as celebration and pleasure, to support the unique needs of the most valuable person in your life:


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If you have the desire and willingness to create change, learn new skills, pursue deep inner work, take inspired action and implement customized self-care strategies (including herbs, nutrition, energy healing and mind-body techniques), you are in the right place!  I KNOW you can tap into your inner strength, health and resilience so that you can show-up in the world to shine your light in the way only you can!

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Hi There!


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I'm a Clinical Herbalist, Nutrition Advocate, Reiki Practioner, Holistic Wellness Educator and Circle Facilitator.  My calling is serving those who want to step into their personal health sovereignty, which is an approach driven by YOU, the client.

I have personally experienced numerous health challenges throughout my own life, including anxiety/depression, adrenal fatigue/burnout, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, menstrual irregularities, immune challenges, and digestive conscerns (just to name a few!). The truth I've discovered on my own healing path is that all of our life experiences directly impact our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. And we absolutely have the ability to heal ourselves. I've done it over and over again - whether through herbs, nutrition, mind-body or energetic approaches, or all of the above! I'm not special- I KNOW you have the same ability inside yourself.


I also don't pretend to have all the answers. Like you, I’m human- I'm still growing and healing and constantly learning new things about myself, the awe-inspiring human body, a myriad of healing approaches and modalities.  New layers continually reveal themselves.  Healing is not an end destination, rather an ongoing cycle of learning, growth and transformation. 


What's helped me most throughout this process, is finding connection and support, especially with nature and with others like-minded souls.


If there is one thing I want you to walk away with today it's this:


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That’s why I’m here. I'm showing up with my knowledge and experience, because I hope it can help you too.  You don't have to do it all alone. Healing does not happen in isolation, but in relationship with one another. 


In many ways, the partnership between client and practitioner is one of the most important parts of the healing process.  Tools and strategies are wonderful, and also important, but in my own experience, they too often fall short when used alone. 


Its really about connecting with the power & wisdom you already possess within that miraculous mind, body, heart & spirit that comprises you! But it is sometimes challenging to unearth and connect with that power and wisdom by ourselves (though there is certainly a place for this in the process!).  The fact is, we simply don't always see ourselves clearly! I know when it comes to myself, I certainly don't!  It can be absolutely transformational to work with a partner who can share their outside perspectives, insight and even more importantly, their presence.


We will work together to dig deep and uncover both the light and the shadows, the flow and obstacles that exist within, so that you can move forward towards your health & wellness goals and desires with more awareness, love & alignment.

Of course, when you work with me, you'll also learn a whole bunch of powerful, customizable tools and strategies too!  You can expect to:

~ Meet your herbal allies and learn to make your own medicines


~ Incorporate nutrient rich foods & key nutritional supplements to support your specific health concerns and individual constitution

~ Learn and experience the benefits of energy work and somatic practices such as Reiki, breath work, movement and other mind-body practices!

I would be truly honored to be your supportive partner as you discover your unique path to vibrant health and well-being.  It is my mission to do so in a way that honors and aligns with your most heartfelt desires, values and deep inner wisdom to create deep, true healing: mind, body, heart & spirit. 

Are you ready to reconnect with YOUR

Powerful, Magickal Inner Healer?

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You are invited- schedule an appointment and cozy-up with a cup of soothing herbal tea before your wellness consultation, 

Reiki session, educational workshop, or circle event.  Healing work is deeply intimate and personal, and I tailor your session 

to your unique needs and goals. 

I currently offer in person and online/distance healing sessions from my home office in Renton, Washington.


Whether you work with me in-person or virtually, I hope the cozy, loving atmosphere of the space

will infuse and support your healing experience!  

You are welcome here!  |  (458) 214-2180  |  Renton ,Washington

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