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Discovery Call

Have questions?  Perhaps you aren't sure what Reiki is or whether its appropriate for your particular situation? Maybe you are interested in holistic strategies, but this is your first foray, and you'd like to know more about what a Holistic Wellness Consultation looks like and how it might help?  Never used herbs and want to know whether they might be right for you? Maybe you'd just like to connect and get a feel for me and whether we might be a good fit? 


I get it!  Choosing any coach or wellness practitioner is a big decision and a very personal one.  And my approach isn't necessarily for everyone- I may not be what you are looking for.  But I'm also happy to refer you to someone who might have precisely what you need!  Whatever you are wondering about, I'd be happy to chat with you and answer your questions.  No strings, no gimmicks attached!  Just you and me and some time to cozy up and connect.

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