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 Flower Essence Consultations


Flower essences are gentle, vibrational and energetic remedies crafted by floating flowers in water under the sunlight or moonlight.  They are particularly useful and supportive for concerns of an emotional or spiritual nature, and especially for deep, inner healing and transformational work. Cole creates the majority of the flower essences she uses (currently she has a library of over 100 essences). She incorporates crystals Reiki frequencies in the creation of many of the flower essences,  and often aligns essences with lunar and solar cycles and events.

A Custom Flower Essence Consultation begins with a 45 minute conversation with Cole (In Person, Virtual or Phone) where we will discuss your current situation and nature of the challenges/concerns/transformation you are looking to support, and your intentions and preferences for the essence . Cole will then use an intuitive process to select your essences (anywhere from 1-10 essences may be included in a blend).  In crafting your essence, Cole may also incorporate crystals, Reiki and a variety of spiritual tools to craft an entirely unique essence that is energetically and spiritually aligned with your needs and desires. 

Please note that this is an educational consultation based on Cole's own experience and intuition in partnership with you and your own wisdom.  Flower essences are not intended to be used as a substitute or replacement for medical care or mental health services by a qualified health professional.  

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Custom Flower Essence Consultation
(45 Minutes)
Cost includes your 2 oz. Custom Flower Essence + Shipping

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If you would like to learn more about me and my approach and see if Flower Essences a good match for your needs, you can schedule a free 15 Minute Discovery Call using the button below!

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