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Reiki Healing Sessions

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What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Cole Michelle believes the Reiki Practioner’s primary role is to be a facilitator between healing life-source energy and the client for the purposes of enhancing and supporting your body, mind, heart and spirit’s innate healing capacity.  Each and every person is physiologically, emotionally and energetically unique and my goal is to structure your session(s) to best facilitate and support your unique goals for improved health & well being.

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Sliding Scale-

How Does It Work?

My hope is also to make Reiki more available, accessible and affordable, especially for those in need during these times of great change.  Offering sliding scale allows each client to evaluate their financial situation and available resources and decide what investment feels in alignment.  This is also a great, affordable way to try Reiki if you’ve never had the opportunity, and for those in financial need to receive regular support for ongoing challenges for a reasonable investment. 

Book A Session

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Reiki Healing Session
(30 Minutes)
$15-25 (Sliding Scale)

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Reiki Healing Session
(60 Minutes)
$30-50 (Sliding Scale)

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Reiki Healing Session
(90 Minutes)
$55-75 (Sliding Scale)

  • 30 Minute Sessions: Ideal for first timers who want to test the waters or when you just feel need for a quick pick-me-up.

  • 60 Minute Sessions: An affordable option to address deeper issues and for regular maintenance. 

  • 90 Minute Sessions: For chronic, long-standing, or complex concerns and challenges.  Supports deep healing and inner work.

Please note that Reiki is not intended to be used as a substitute or replacement for medical care or mental health services by a qualified health professional.

If you would like to learn more about me and my approach and see if Reiki is a good match for your needs, you can schedule a free 15 Minute Discovery Call using the button below!

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