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Because of this, coming to understand my empathic nature/sensitivity completely derailed me from moving forward and launching my new career and business as a Clinical Herbalist in early 2017, after 3 years of focused, dedicated study (more on that story will be in an upcoming blog post), and I've spent nearly 3 years resisting, growing, procrastinating, learning, deconstructing and expanding my way towards a new understanding of myself and what it truly means to be a healthy and empowered Empath/HSP.  There have been lots of tears and frustration, feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, full-fledged panic attacks, health challenges/illnesses and the resulting depression and despair that comes from feeling unseen, misunderstood and not knowing how to move forward to create the joyful, abundant life I envisioned for myself and the people I knew I was here serve. 


In other words, I've been there.  And I continue to work and grow- I'm not finished or perfect and I certainly don't have all the answers.  But I am whole and I am enough- and I believe you are too.  So I'm showing up here.  Both for myself and for you.    The one thing that has been most pivotal to my own growth and healing is discovering that I am not alone in my experience, and finding support and connection with others going through similar.  You don't have to do it alone.  (And I'd highly recommend against it!)


I'm showing up in all my imperfect glory to be your holistic wellness partner and educator, sharing my knowledge of herbal, nutritional, lifestyle and spiritual/energetic approaches that you can use to support your growth and healing as an Empath/HSP.  I'm also here to share my own struggles and failings, because in my experience, we learn far more in the depth of our pain and shadows than we do at the in the peak light of our victories and achievements. If you are tired of hiding away and living a less than joyous & magical life; if you want to experience a life that embraces connection & community, rather than disconnection & isolation; deep healing & self-love, rather than wound-wallowing & low self-esteem; wonder & passion rather than dullness & apathy; thriving instead of surviving- you are in the right place!  


Join me as we explore new ways of being and relating to yourself and the external world, and personalized, empowering strategies for supporting your sensitive nature, and the challenges and opportunities this provides.

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